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Community Partnerships & Programs

A collaborative approach to addressing substance use.

Our Community Partnerships & Programs team works with partners to identify community needs and gaps in service that impact the success of substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and harm reduction efforts. We work to develop new programs, offer training, and secure funding to address pressing community needs. The work of the Community Partnerships & Programs team is done in collaboration with Family Health Center Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centers. 

Developing and Supporting Programs with Our Communities

Substance use continues to affect our neighbors and communities. That’s why our team works with key partners to create programs that improve care for anyone working on their substance use and recovery.

In addition, the Community Partnerships & Programs team supports workforce development activities for its county and sovereign nation partners, including training opportunities tailored to local needs, with a focused effort on engaging the recovery community and supporting the growth of peer professionals in the region.  

From grant writing, consortium building, program planning, and development to sustaining programs, our Community Partnerships & Programs team has the expertise needed to launch and sustain programs that truly help. 

The HOPE Consortium

Formed in 2015, the HOPE Consortium works to address opioid and methamphetamine misuse in rural, central, northern and western Wisconsin. It’s a model for collaborative care, supporting substance use disorder treatment and recovery across twelve counties and five tribal nations.

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